"A lot of people like to ask me why it is I choose to paint what I paint. I wish I had an answer for them that made sense. I always struggle finding an explanation because I feel I don’t know the answer either. Its almost like a puzzle for me. I was always a big daydreamer when I was younger, always reading fantasy books, always drawing or sketching something. I had a lot of issues with depression and self esteem as a teenager, and now as an adult working as a Respiratory Therapist I am faced daily with life and death situations. Some of those experiences stay with me. Whenever I have some time to myself I like to listen to music and let my mind wander. I see random stories and images in my minds eye and I start to sketch them. Sometimes the images remain simple sketches, other times I decide I want to redraw it on my canvas and paint it. They are a reflection of the subconscious, our nightmares or fantasies, the parts of us we keep buried deep down. They are a reflection of not only the pain and trauma we carry within us, but also the strength to fight it and carry on." ~ Carmen Rosa

Carmen Rosa is a self taught Puerto Rican artist born in 1977.  Raised with a father in the military she spent much of her young life moving throughout the different bases in the US and Germany.  Her work consists of a collection of dark, illustrative paintings and sketches.  As a night shift Respiratory Therapist, she has dealt with the dead and dying for many years.  She has worked in all levels of hospital care from neonatal intensive care, to emergency rooms, trauma rooms and intensive care units. You can usually find her during downtime with her headphones on and sketchpad in hand. Listening to music and drawing for her is a way of de-stressing between the episodes of chaos that she sometimes faces in her line of work. These collections of sketches were what started her on her path as an artist.  On her days off she began experimenting with acrylic and oil paints and hasn’t put the brush down since!  She feels that her love for fantasy, science fiction and anime films along with working in healthcare have had an influence in her art.  

Solo Shows

2017..........Solo Show, Flying Boat Brewing Co, St. Petersburg, Florida

2017..........Solo Show, Cigar City Brewing, Tampa Florida

Group Shows




2021..........Featured Artist in The Conservatory, Alchemy and Ashes, Lutz Florida 

2021..........The Invented Self, House of Shadows Art Gallery, Tampa Florida

2021..........Bella Donna, Orlando Museum of Art, Orlando Florida

2021..........My Beautiful, Dark Twisted Fantasy, City Arts Factory, Orlando, Florida


2020..........Untitled, an art show at Overflow Brewing Co, St Petersburg, Florida.

2019..........Untitled, an art show at Overflow Brewing Co, St Petersburg, Florida. 

2018..........Untitled, an art show at 81 Bay Brewing, Tampa Florida.

2017..........Seige On Castle Black, an art show at Four Stacks Brewing, Apollo Beach Florida.

2017..........Martial Arts Show, an art show at Thai Purple Orchid Cafe and Grocery, Orlando Florida.

2016..........Dia de los Muertos & Monster Factory, City Arts Factory, Orlando Florida.

2016..........Transitions Art Show, Menaul Fine Art Gallery, Clearwater Florida.

2016..........Immersed Aquatic Art Show, City Arts Factory, Orlando Florida.

Mentions / Publications

2021..........The Power of Creativity, Documentary to be released Winter 2021. A series by Sheryl Carbonell & Molly Smith                        


2019..........Published in Diabolico II, Exploring the Realm of Dark Art. By Out of Step Books

2018..........Mentioned on the Social media pages of Beautiful Bizarre Magazine